This Installation is Way Cool

July 21, 2017

This is a picture of a cryotherapy unit we installed. We removed an old box and replaced it with this new one. This is a cascade type of refrigeration system that reaches -40 degrees. The manufacturer, CryoBuilt, flew their tech in from California to oversee this project.

Jay Jenkins' Generous Donation

June 16, 2017

Jay Jenkins, Service Manager in West Palm Beach, recently donated his SUV to the Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County. When it was time to upgrade their family vehicle, Jay and his wife decided to donate their car instead of using it as a trade-in. What a great way to support others in the community! Thanks for paying it forward, Jay!

Moody Male

June 2, 2017

Sebring Branch Manager Bob Moody finally got a boy! After four lovely daughters and five adorable granddaughters, unto Bob a grandson is born. Congrats to all!