TWC Services Acquires Kenco-Lusk in Atlanta

February 13, 2024

Kenco Lusk Logo

DES MOINES, Iowa (Feb. 13, 2023) – TWC Services is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Kenco-Lusk, a leading commercial refrigeration, heating, air, and food-service equipment repair company in Atlanta.  

Kenco-Lusk was founded by Kenneth L. Cooper in 1986. Cooper will stay on through the transition and then retire from the business once the transition has been completed. Kenco-Lusk’s two other managing owners, Jeff Tad Richison and Jeff Salvo, will remain with TWC Services. Richison will be a project manager and Salvo a lead installer.  

“I’m very happy to extend a warm welcome to the entire Kenco-Lusk team. I know they will fit right in with our team in Atlanta,” said Paul Morrison, president of TWC Services. “Adding Kenco-Lusk’s depth of knowledge, commitment to customer service, and team of experienced technicians in Atlanta puts us in a position to provide even more value and great service to our customers in the market.” 

Kenco-Lusk has developed a highly regarded reputation for installing, repairing, and maintaining commercial refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, cooking, and warming appliances in the greater Atlanta market.  

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