Service Types


TWC Services specializes in servicing and installing all types of HVAC equipment. Our roots date back to 1906, so we have logged a substantial set of solutions to any problem that may arise in your facilities. We understand the design, theory and operation of all HVAC systems to provide you, your staff and customers safe, reliable and cost effective HVAC services. Our typical heating, ventilation and air conditioning services include:

• Chillers, boilers, pumps, piping and ductwork
• Air handlers, coils, valves, and filters
• Variable frequency drives
• Indoor air quality
• Roof top units, compressors, and heat exchangers
• Service, maintenance and repair
• Plumbing, process and drain-waste-vent piping 
• Variable refrigerant flow 
• Computer room units
• Test and balance
• Exhaust fans, motors, sheaves and belts

We work in all environments and have training on most manufacturers’ lines of equipment. 

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Commercial Cooking

In the food industry, your business is truly only as good as the last meal you served. That’s why it’s so important for your cooking and refrigeration equipment to always bring its ‘A’ game. TWC Services truly excels in offering excellent commercial cooking and refrigeration service at a fair price. Our highly trained technicians are familiar with all leading brands of equipment and have substantial experience in commercial kitchens of all types and sizes.

Equipment Repair

When your appliances aren’t doing their job, neither are you. No matter the time that your appliances begin giving you trouble, Waldinger will be there promptly to perform a quick, efficient repair. We keep qualified technicians on call 24/7/365, so your equipment mishaps will never keep you out of the kitchen for long.

Scheduled Maintenance

As a business owner, manager or chef, you take pride in maintaining a clean, safe kitchen that runs smoothly from shift to shift. However, sometimes an unexpected problem can put a dent in your kitchen’s productivity. To prevent inconvenient breakdowns that cost you time, money and happy customers, regular preventive maintenance is a must! With Waldinger, you can tailor a preventive maintenance program to meet your specific needs.

Asset Tracking

TWC Services offers InSite Suite, a customized software program that tracks the cost of repairs and maintenance. We can also provide you with a customized web portal, giving you the ability to schedule, track and manage your repairs.

Replacement Equipment

TWC Services provides equipment from leading brands in the industry. When it’s time to replace outdated or faulty cooking equipment, we have the products you need, along with experienced technicians to install them. Our team is here for you. Call or email us today to see why our valued customers have trusted us for the over 100 years.

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Providing the Southeast with the best in refrigeration, we are staffed with an experienced team that is prepared to handle 24-hour service and repairs all major brands of equipment, as well as to perform routine maintenance, equipment procurement, installations and ice machine leasing programs. For refrigeration, we support these types of businesses:

  • Commercial
  • Retail
  • Convenience stores
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Blood plasma
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Manufacturing
  • Grocery
  • Ethanol
  • Housing
  • College
  • Foundry
  • Industrial
  • Food Service

From onsite assessments to service and repairs, our expert team designs and delivers the ideal refrigeration solutions for you. Those include:

  •  Service and maintenance contracts
  • Ground-up construction
  • Parallel rack systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Ice machines
  • Low and medium temperature cold storage
  • New and used retail equipment sales
  • Walk in cooler/freezer
  • Retail display cases
  • Design build refrigerated systems
  • Food equipment refrigeration
  • Specialty cases
  • Coffins
  • Alarm monitoring

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Beverage Systems

Soda flat? We have solutions for that.

Our full-service beverage staff is prepared to serve you quickly, accurately and affordably. All of our technicians are trained and certified to work on your equipment and we provide them ongoing training from leading manufacturers to maintain top-of-the-line industry standards. Our beverage division is the professional leader in our industry – just ask our customers.

We meet and exceed all required licenses and are EPA trained and certified to reclaim refrigerant. Our State Licensed Contractor Number is #CA-C057509.

  • Soda and draft beer systems
  • Ice makers
  • Water filters
  • Coffee, Cappuccino and frozen drink machines
  • Planned maintenance programs
  • Service contracts
  • Warranty work

For over 100 years we have taken great pride in our business, our name and our community. We are here to serve and lead. The history of our service team has evolved from generations of hard workers in our industry.

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