Planned Maintenance

The best laid plans... are your best options.

Planned maintenance, sometimes called preventive maintenance, is a set of regularly scheduled checkpoints to sustain or extend the useful life of your equipment.

Reactive maintenance, on the other hand, represents the “run it until it breaks” mentality. While scarcely anyone would take the reactive maintenance approach with our vehicles, over 50% of businesses take this approach with their mechanical equipment. But why risk it?

Properly maintained equipment can:
• Reduce maintenance costs by 25% to 30%
• Eliminate 70% to 75% of breakdowns
• Reduce downtime by 35% to 40%
• Increase energy efficiency by 20% to 25%

Statistics Source: U.S. Department of Energy, FEMP Operations & Maintenance Best Practices, August 2010

Why TWC Services Planned Maintenance?

• At TWC Services, we always keep our goals in alignment with yours. Because of this, we will never create a financial incentive for our technicians to sell you services or equipment that you don’t need.

• Whether you own a single location office building or hundreds of restaurants across the region, we have you covered.

• We will tailor a maintenance agreement that’s ideally suited for your equipment and situation.

• We continually invest in our people and processes to make sure you work with well-trained, safety-conscious professionals.

• At TWC Services, we perform regular unannounced quality control inspections on each of our technicians’ work to ensure that you are getting the service you’re paying for.

• TWC Services does not treat planned maintenance as “fill in” work, as many companies do. When we need to work overtime to fulfill our commitments, that’s exactly what we do.

• While planned maintenance will help prevent many equipment issues, equipment will still sometimes fail. When it does, we’ll be there. If it means opening a supply house in the middle of the night (we’ve done it!) to get your walk-in cooler or HVAC back up and running, you can count on us.

You see, we are not out to make a quick buck; we’re looking to partner with you for the long haul. If you trust us to maintain your equipment, we’ll do everything possible to maintain that trust in everything we do for you.

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