Joe Antonelli

Joe Antonelli, Service Manager

My company, Boss Repair, was founded In January of 1999. Interesting fact on how the name came about. My wife Paula and I, the principle owners, and two minor partners were sitting around the table with a pad of paper. On the paper we scribbled a dozen or more possible company names. Back and forth we went trying to find a strong and easy-flowing name. As is her nature, after a time, Paula lost her patience with us and said, “I don’t care about the name as long as you know who’s the BOSS.”

Sixteen years later I was sitting at another table with TWC leaders discussing terms of transitioning to TWC. Were it not for their easygoing manner and comforting style, I would never have begun the process. They impressed me with their straightforward “no bull” personas. The fact that they too had been business owners with extensive field training and real life experiences that matched my own was instrumental in my decision to come aboard.

The most gut-wrenching, palm sweating space of time was the month I spent closing down BOSS and preparing for my career at TWC. The doubts piled up. What kept me on my path was the patience of and guidance of TWC leaders. They fielded all my calls about trivial, sometimes meaningless situations, and even invited me to the TWC managers meeting (held that year in Ft. Lauderdale). In that meeting, I met the president of the company and was able to get acquainted with a room full of outstanding managers.

At TWC I have found men and women who are customer-oriented and business-minded like me. For the first time in my professional life, I have found a company that actually walks the walk on issues of safety, family, training and advancement. Every vision that was shared in our initial meetings has come to fruition. TWC talks about it, plans it and makes it happen.

Probably the most important thing for me has been the respect I have received – the respect for my knowledge and experience and the foresight to utilize it. I have gone from senior tech to manager moved up in the company since coming aboard and am looking forward to the future. –Joe Antonelli, Service Manager