Jim Oakley

Jim Oakley, Regional Vice President

My company, Refrig-A-Matic Services located in Orlando, was one of the earlier TWC acquisitions, dating back to 1997. Throughout the transition, I found TWC Services to be very fair as well as open-minded. They listened carefully to the many questions and concerns I had, as my company was, and still is, my family. My main concern was not only that my wife and I benefited as the owners, but my staff had to come out better as well. I will tell you that the benefits for health insurance and retirement alone were a big leap forward. The pay scale was equal or better and the future for growth was unlimited. I have been with TWC Services ever since – far past our agreement. If you’re thinking about selling, this is the place to secure your company’s future. Your sales growth is unlimited. Just in the central Florida market alone, we have had solid growth, going from $2.3 million in sales to over 10 times that in less than two decades.

Our ability to serve customers in other regions far beyond ours through our other branches is extremely attractive to our customers. We now can offer our customers “one-stop shopping” which makes their lives easier and increases opportunities for everyone. Our service offering includes HVAC (from chillers to DX systems), commercial kitchen equipment, beverage and planned maintenance, parts and most of all, the ease of doing business via online service requests, asset tracking and electronic billing – all attractive to the best customers as well as potential acquisitions. 

Technicians are excited that our mobile technology eliminates paperwork, allows them to download schematics and manufacturer information onsite and gives them equipment history with a single click on their iPads. It makes their jobs much easier.

As a former owner and now a Vice President, my opportunities actually expanded as well. I manage and oversee the many tools we offer. That is exciting and has made me a better and more efficient manager in the process. What I would highlight as most beneficial about this move: the support of your peers and the ability to pick up the phone and reach out and ask for opinions, advice or assistance at any time. –Jim Oakley, Regional Vice President