Bob Moody

TWC Services Bob Moody, Sebring Branch Manager

I owned my own HVAC/R business for 26 years. One day I received a phone call from a TWC Services branch manager. He asked me if I might be interested in selling my business and had I ever heard of TWC Services? I met with him a week or so later and had a wonderful discussion about TWC. He explained to me the vision and values of the company and the history as well. I liked what I heard and started thinking "When would an opportunity like this come to me again?" He and I stayed in touch and eventually after much consideration, I went the next step and met with others from the TWC Services acquisition team and was even more impressed with the attitude and values they upheld. I then went the next step and met the president and considered their offer to buy my company. The offer was very fair, equitable and straightforward. Upon acceptance and purchase, I really started understanding the depth of quality and professionalism of TWC. Excellence came down from the top, from the owner himself. I am proud to work for TWC because I didn't have to change my business philosophy. TWC is a caring and close-knit family of knowledgeable, reputable individuals wanting to be successful for all of the right reasons! This all happened in 2012 and years later, I’m so glad I made the decision to sell and become part this organization! –Bob Moody, Sebring Branch Manager